Current favorites

Current favorites

Good evening guys, here are some of my current favorites at the moment. These are the exact items or similar, i could not find some of the items so to get an idea of what the items look like i did provide similar items for you guys.

Forever 21 print top

The shirt i have in green,

Forever 21 lace up shoes

Genuine leather purse

I do not have this exact bag it's just the most similar one i could fine to my H&M bag. It does not have any of the gold detailing or trim, it does how ever have two stitched lines or row going down the middle of the bag.

Forever 21 earrings

The earring cuff is also similar to the set that i have. I could not find it but it does have 12 flowers on each cuff with stones in the middle of each flower.

Ellis faas makeup

Charlotte Tilbury moisturizing lipstick
$33 -

The lip products are all so here for color purpose, i created this color buy using three lip liners.

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